Quotas and limits

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This page contains usage quota and limits that apply when using Cloud Build. Both quotas and limits can restrict the number of requests that you can send or the number of resources that you can create. Limits can also restrict a resource's attributes, such as the length of the resource's identifier.

If a quota is too low to meet your needs, you can use the Google Cloud console to request a quota increase for your project. If the Google Cloud console does not let you request a change for a specific quota, contact Google Cloud support.

Limits cannot be changed.


Cloud Build enforces quotas on running builds for various reasons. For example, quotas help to protect the community of Google Cloud users by preventing unforeseen spikes in usage. Google Cloud also offers free trial quotas that provide limited access for projects to help you explore Google Cloud on a free trial basis.

By default, the following Cloud Build quotas apply to each Google Cloud project. However, per-project quotas depend on usage and may vary over time.

Resource Description Default limit Can be increased Scope
Private pool Number of private pools 2 - 10 Yes Per region
CPU Number of concurrent CPUs

run in a regional private pool

0 * - 2400 Yes. When this quota is filled, requests for additional CPUs are queued and processed serially. Per region
CPU Number of concurrent CPUs

run in a regional default pool

5 - 100 No. If you require more than 100 concurrent CPUs, use private pools. Per region
Request Number of concurrent builds
run in a global default pool
10 - 30 No. If you want to run more than
30 concurrent builds, consider
using private pools.

* Depending on your project and usage, you may not have quotas to use private pools. If this is the case, you can use default pools.

Region restrictions for some projects

Depending on the usage, certain projects may be restricted to only use Cloud Build in certain regions. For more information see Locations.

API rate limits

API rate limits affect the rate at which you can call the Cloud Build API. You can view and edit the API rate limits by going to the Quotas page.

Resource limits

Cloud Build enforces the following limits on resources:

Build steps per build 100
Length of the build step name 1000 characters
env values per build step 100
Length of the env value 65536 characters
args values per build step 100
Length of the arg value 4000 characters
Length of the dir value 1000 characters
Built images per build 200
Unique secretEnv values per build 100
Size of a secret 65536 characters
Number of build triggers 300
Number of artifacts paths per build 100
Length of the list of tags per build 64

Increasing quota

  1. Open the Cloud Build Quotas page.

    Go to Quotas

  2. Select the quota(s) you want to modify and click Edit quotas.

  3. Enter the new quota limit for the quota you selected.

  4. Click Submit request.