Cloud Bigtable Admin API

Administer your Cloud Bigtable tables and instances.


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.


CreateAppProfile Creates an app profile within an instance.
CreateCluster Creates a cluster within an instance.
CreateInstance Create an instance within a project.
DeleteAppProfile Deletes an app profile from an instance.
DeleteCluster Deletes a cluster from an instance.
DeleteInstance Delete an instance from a project.
GetAppProfile Gets information about an app profile.
GetCluster Gets information about a cluster.
GetIamPolicy Gets the access control policy for an instance resource.
GetInstance Gets information about an instance.
ListAppProfiles Lists information about app profiles in an instance.
ListClusters Lists information about clusters in an instance.
ListInstances Lists information about instances in a project.
PartialUpdateInstance Partially updates an instance within a project.
SetIamPolicy Sets the access control policy on an instance resource.
TestIamPermissions Returns permissions that the caller has on the specified instance resource.
UpdateAppProfile Updates an app profile within an instance.
UpdateCluster Updates a cluster within an instance.
UpdateInstance Updates an instance within a project.


CheckConsistency Checks replication consistency based on a consistency token, that is, if replication has caught up based on the conditions specified in the token and the check request.
CreateTable Creates a new table in the specified instance.
DeleteTable Permanently deletes a specified table and all of its data.
DropRowRange Permanently drop/delete a row range from a specified table.
GenerateConsistencyToken Generates a consistency token for a Table, which can be used in CheckConsistency to check whether mutations to the table that finished before this call started have been replicated.
GetTable Gets metadata information about the specified table.
ListTables Lists all tables served from a specified instance.
ModifyColumnFamilies Performs a series of column family modifications on the specified table.

GetLocation Gets information about a location.
ListLocations Lists information about the supported locations for this service.


CancelOperation Starts asynchronous cancellation on a long-running operation.
DeleteOperation Deletes a long-running operation.
GetOperation Gets the latest state of a long-running operation.
ListOperations Lists operations that match the specified filter in the request.
WaitOperation Waits for the specified long-running operation until it is done or reaches at most a specified timeout, returning the latest state.
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