cbt Reference

Cbt is a tool for doing basic interactions with Cloud Bigtable.


cbt [options] command [arguments]

The commands are:

count                     Count rows in a table
createfamily              Create a column family
createtable               Create a table
deletefamily              Delete a column family
deleterow                 Delete a row
deletetable               Delete a table
doc                       Print godoc-suitable documentation for cbt
help                      Print help text
listinstances             List instances in a project
lookup                    Read from a single row
ls                        List tables and column families
mddoc                     Print documentation for cbt in Markdown format
read                      Read rows
set                       Set value of a cell
setgcpolicy               Set the GC policy for a column family
version                   Print the current cbt version

Use "cbt help " for more information about a command.

The options are:

-project string
    project ID, if unset uses gcloud configured project
-instance string
    Cloud Bigtable instance
-creds string
    if set, use application credentials in this file

Count rows in a table

cbt count <table>

Create a column family

cbt createfamily <table> <family>

Create a table

cbt createtable <table>
  initial_splits=row        A row key to be used to initially split the table into multiple tablets. Can be repeated to create multiple splits.

Delete a column family

cbt deletefamily <table> <family>

Delete a row

cbt deleterow <table> <row>

Delete a table

cbt deletetable <table>
cbt doc
cbt help [command]

List instances in a project

cbt listinstances

Read from a single row

cbt lookup <table> <row>

List tables and column families

cbt ls          List tables
cbt ls <table>      List column families in <table>
cbt mddoc

Read rows

cbt read <table> [start=<row>] [end=<row>] [prefix=<prefix>] [count=<n>]
  start=<row>       Start reading at this row
  end=<row>     Stop reading before this row
  prefix=<prefix>   Read rows with this prefix
  count=<n>     Read only this many rows

Set value of a cell

cbt set <table> <row> family:column=val[@ts] ...
  family:column=val[@ts] may be repeated to set multiple cells.

  ts is an optional integer timestamp.
  If it cannot be parsed, the `@ts` part will be
  interpreted as part of the value.

Set the GC policy for a column family

cbt setgcpolicy <table> <family> ( maxage=<d> | maxversions=<n> )

  maxage=<d>        Maximum timestamp age to preserve (e.g. "1h", "4d")
  maxversions=<n>   Maximum number of versions to preserve
cbt version

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