Supported services

Key Access Justifications supports the following Google Cloud products:

Service Status
Artifact Registry GA
BigQuery GA
Cloud Bigtable GA
Cloud Composer GA
Cloud Data Loss Prevention GA
Cloud Logging GA
Cloud Spanner GA
Cloud Storage GA
Cloud SQL GA
Compute Engine GA
Dataflow GA
Dataproc GA
Google Kubernetes Engine GA
Persistent Disk GA
Pub/Sub GA
Secret Manager GA

If Key Access Justifications is in Preview for a service, Google recommends that you don't use Key Access Justifications in production for that service. You should use Key Access Justifications for a service in production only if Key Access Justifications for that service is in General Availability (GA). This includes transitive usage of unintegrated or Preview services that don't themselves store data encrypted using customer keys, because all services involved in servicing a request must have a GA Key Access Justifications integration status for Google to reliably generate justifications.

If you are unable to avoid using a service for which Key Access Justifications isn't in GA in your workloads that depend on Key Access Justifications, then you must also allow REASON_NOT_EXPECTED and REASON_UNSPECIFIED justifications in your Key Access Justifications policies or risk outages.