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# Copyright 2008 The ndb Authors. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

"""NDB interface for Blobstore.

This currently builds on google.appengine.ext.blobstore and provides a
similar API.  The main API differences:

- BlobInfo is an actual Model subclass rather than a pseudo-model class.
  To query, use BlobInfo.query() and its documented properties.  Other
  - The kind is '__BlobInfo__' (BLOB_INFO_KIND).
  - key() is a method returning a BlobKey instance.
  - put() and friends are disabled.
  - Added class methods get() and friends.
  - Added instance methods delete() and friends, and open().

- Instead of BlobReferenceProperty, there's BlobKeyProperty.

- There is no create_rpc() function.  Instead, functions and methods
  take keyword arguments to specify deadline, callback, and (in some
  case) datastore options.

- APIs (get() and delete()) that in ext.blobstore take either a blob
  key or a list of blob keys are split into two: one that takes a blob
  key and one that takes a list of blob keys, the latter having a name
  ending in _multi.

- The following APIs have a synchronous and an async version:
  - BlobInfo.get()
  - BlobInfo.delete()
  - create_upload_url()
  - get()
  - get_multi()
  - delete()
  - delete_multi()
  - fetch_data()

# TODO: Should delete() and friends accept BlobInfos too?
# TODO: Don't have redundant function/method versions of APIs?
# TODO: Refactor ext.blobstore to reduce duplication of code.

import base64
import email

from .google_imports import api_blobstore as blobstore
from .google_imports import ext_blobstore

from . import model
from . import tasklets

__all__ = ['BLOB_INFO_KIND',

# Exceptions are all imported.
Error = blobstore.Error
InternalError = blobstore.InternalError
BlobFetchSizeTooLargeError = blobstore.BlobFetchSizeTooLargeError
BlobNotFoundError = blobstore.BlobNotFoundError
_CreationFormatError = blobstore._CreationFormatError
DataIndexOutOfRangeError = blobstore.DataIndexOutOfRangeError
PermissionDeniedError = blobstore.PermissionDeniedError
BlobInfoParseError = ext_blobstore.BlobInfoParseError

# So is BlobKey.
BlobKey = blobstore.BlobKey

# And the constants.

# Re-export BlobKeyProperty from ndb.model for completeness.
BlobKeyProperty = model.BlobKeyProperty

[docs]class BlobInfo(model.Model): """Information about blobs in Blobstore. This is a Model subclass that has been doctored to be unwritable. Properties: - content_type: Content type of blob. - creation: Creation date of blob, when it was uploaded. - filename: Filename user selected from their machine. - size: Size of uncompressed blob. - md5_hash: The md5 hash value of the uploaded blob (in hex). Additional API: Class methods: - get(): retrieve a BlobInfo by key - get_multi(): retrieve a list of BlobInfos by keys - get_async(), get_multi_async(): async version of get() and get_multi() Instance methods: - delete(): delete this blob - delete_async(): async version of delete() - key(): return the BlobKey for this blob - open(): return a BlobReader instance for this blob Because BlobInfo instances are synchronized with Blobstore, the class cache policies are off. Do not subclass this class. """ _use_cache = False _use_memcache = False content_type = model.StringProperty() creation = model.DateTimeProperty() filename = model.StringProperty() size = model.IntegerProperty() md5_hash = model.StringProperty() @classmethod def _get_kind(cls): """Override this to match the datastore entities written by Blobstore.""" return BLOB_INFO_KIND # __BlobInfo__
[docs] @classmethod def get(cls, blob_key, **ctx_options): """Retrieve a BlobInfo by key. Args: blob_key: A blob key. This may be a str, unicode or BlobKey instance. **ctx_options: Context options for Model().get_by_id(). Returns: A BlobInfo entity associated with the provided key, If there was no such entity, returns None. """ fut = cls.get_async(blob_key, **ctx_options) return fut.get_result()
[docs] @classmethod def get_async(cls, blob_key, **ctx_options): """Async version of get().""" if not isinstance(blob_key, (BlobKey, basestring)): raise TypeError('Expected blob key, got %r' % (blob_key,)) if 'parent' in ctx_options: raise TypeError('Parent is not supported') return cls.get_by_id_async(str(blob_key), **ctx_options)
[docs] @classmethod def get_multi(cls, blob_keys, **ctx_options): """Multi-key version of get(). Args: blob_keys: A list of blob keys. **ctx_options: Context options for Model().get_by_id(). Returns: A list whose items are each either a BlobInfo entity or None. """ futs = cls.get_multi_async(blob_keys, **ctx_options) return [fut.get_result() for fut in futs]
[docs] @classmethod def get_multi_async(cls, blob_keys, **ctx_options): """Async version of get_multi().""" for blob_key in blob_keys: if not isinstance(blob_key, (BlobKey, basestring)): raise TypeError('Expected blob key, got %r' % (blob_key,)) if 'parent' in ctx_options: raise TypeError('Parent is not supported') blob_key_strs = map(str, blob_keys) keys = [model.Key(BLOB_INFO_KIND, id) for id in blob_key_strs] return model.get_multi_async(keys, **ctx_options)
def _put_async(self, **ctx_options): """Cheap way to make BlobInfo entities read-only.""" raise TypeError('BlobInfo is read-only') put_async = _put_async
[docs] def key(self): """Get key for blob. Returns: BlobKey instance that identifies this blob. """ # TODO: Cache this? return BlobKey(
[docs] def delete(self, **options): """Permanently delete this blob from Blobstore. Args: **options: Options for create_rpc(). """ fut = delete_async(self.key(), **options) fut.get_result()
[docs] def delete_async(self, **options): """Async version of delete().""" return delete_async(self.key(), **options) # A Future!
[docs] def open(self, *args, **kwds): """Returns a BlobReader for this blob. Args: *args, **kwargs: Passed to BlobReader constructor. Returns: A BlobReader instance. """ return BlobReader(self, *args, **kwds)
get = BlobInfo.get get_async = BlobInfo.get_async get_multi = BlobInfo.get_multi get_multi_async = BlobInfo.get_multi_async
[docs]def delete(blob_key, **options): """Delete a blob from Blobstore. Args: blob_key: A blob key. This may be a str, unicode or BlobKey instance. **options: Options for create_rpc(). """ fut = delete_async(blob_key, **options) return fut.get_result()
[docs]@tasklets.tasklet def delete_async(blob_key, **options): """Async version of delete().""" if not isinstance(blob_key, (basestring, BlobKey)): raise TypeError('Expected blob key, got %r' % (blob_key,)) rpc = blobstore.create_rpc(**options) yield blobstore.delete_async(blob_key, rpc=rpc)
[docs]def delete_multi(blob_keys, **options): """Delete blobs from Blobstore. Args: blob_keys: A list of blob keys. **options: Options for create_rpc(). """ fut = delete_multi_async(blob_keys, **options) fut.get_result()
[docs]@tasklets.tasklet def delete_multi_async(blob_keys, **options): """Async version of delete_multi().""" if isinstance(blob_keys, (basestring, BlobKey)): raise TypeError('Expected a list, got %r' % (blob_key,)) rpc = blobstore.create_rpc(**options) yield blobstore.delete_async(blob_keys, rpc=rpc)
[docs]def create_upload_url(success_path, max_bytes_per_blob=None, max_bytes_total=None, **options): """Create upload URL for POST form. Args: success_path: Path within application to call when POST is successful and upload is complete. max_bytes_per_blob: The maximum size in bytes that any one blob in the upload can be or None for no maximum size. max_bytes_total: The maximum size in bytes that the aggregate sizes of all of the blobs in the upload can be or None for no maximum size. **options: Options for create_rpc(). Returns: The upload URL. Raises: TypeError: If max_bytes_per_blob or max_bytes_total are not integral types. ValueError: If max_bytes_per_blob or max_bytes_total are not positive values. """ fut = create_upload_url_async(success_path, max_bytes_per_blob=max_bytes_per_blob, max_bytes_total=max_bytes_total, **options) return fut.get_result()
[docs]@tasklets.tasklet def create_upload_url_async(success_path, max_bytes_per_blob=None, max_bytes_total=None, **options): """Async version of create_upload_url().""" rpc = blobstore.create_rpc(**options) rpc = blobstore.create_upload_url_async(success_path, max_bytes_per_blob=max_bytes_per_blob, max_bytes_total=max_bytes_total, rpc=rpc) result = yield rpc raise tasklets.Return(result)
[docs]def parse_blob_info(field_storage): """Parse a BlobInfo record from file upload field_storage. Args: field_storage: cgi.FieldStorage that represents uploaded blob. Returns: BlobInfo record as parsed from the field-storage instance. None if there was no field_storage. Raises: BlobInfoParseError when provided field_storage does not contain enough information to construct a BlobInfo object. """ if field_storage is None: return None field_name = def get_value(dct, name): value = dct.get(name, None) if value is None: raise BlobInfoParseError( 'Field %s has no %s.' % (field_name, name)) return value filename = get_value(field_storage.disposition_options, 'filename') blob_key_str = get_value(field_storage.type_options, 'blob-key') blob_key = BlobKey(blob_key_str) upload_content = email.message_from_file(field_storage.file) content_type = get_value(upload_content, 'content-type') size = get_value(upload_content, 'content-length') creation_string = get_value(upload_content, UPLOAD_INFO_CREATION_HEADER) md5_hash_encoded = get_value(upload_content, 'content-md5') md5_hash = base64.urlsafe_b64decode(md5_hash_encoded) try: size = int(size) except (TypeError, ValueError): raise BlobInfoParseError( '%s is not a valid value for %s size.' % (size, field_name)) try: creation = blobstore._parse_creation(creation_string, field_name) except blobstore._CreationFormatError, err: raise BlobInfoParseError(str(err)) return BlobInfo(id=blob_key_str, content_type=content_type, creation=creation, filename=filename, size=size, md5_hash=md5_hash, )
[docs]def fetch_data(blob, start_index, end_index, **options): """Fetch data for blob. Fetches a fragment of a blob up to MAX_BLOB_FETCH_SIZE in length. Attempting to fetch a fragment that extends beyond the boundaries of the blob will return the amount of data from start_index until the end of the blob, which will be a smaller size than requested. Requesting a fragment which is entirely outside the boundaries of the blob will return empty string. Attempting to fetch a negative index will raise an exception. Args: blob: BlobInfo, BlobKey, str or unicode representation of BlobKey of blob to fetch data from. start_index: Start index of blob data to fetch. May not be negative. end_index: End index (inclusive) of blob data to fetch. Must be >= start_index. **options: Options for create_rpc(). Returns: str containing partial data of blob. If the indexes are legal but outside the boundaries of the blob, will return empty string. Raises: TypeError if start_index or end_index are not indexes. Also when blob is not a string, BlobKey or BlobInfo. DataIndexOutOfRangeError when start_index < 0 or end_index < start_index. BlobFetchSizeTooLargeError when request blob fragment is larger than MAX_BLOB_FETCH_SIZE. BlobNotFoundError when blob does not exist. """ fut = fetch_data_async(blob, start_index, end_index, **options) return fut.get_result()
[docs]@tasklets.tasklet def fetch_data_async(blob, start_index, end_index, **options): """Async version of fetch_data().""" if isinstance(blob, BlobInfo): blob = blob.key() rpc = blobstore.create_rpc(**options) rpc = blobstore.fetch_data_async(blob, start_index, end_index, rpc=rpc) result = yield rpc raise tasklets.Return(result)
[docs]class BlobReader(ext_blobstore.BlobReader): """Provides a read-only file-like interface to a blobstore blob.""" # This just overrides two methods to use the proper versions. # Hack alert: this can access private attributes of the parent class # because it has the same class name. (This is a Python feature.) def __fill_buffer(self, size=0): """Fills the internal buffer. Args: size: Number of bytes to read. Will be clamped to [self.__buffer_size, MAX_BLOB_FETCH_SIZE]. """ read_size = min(max(size, self.__buffer_size), MAX_BLOB_FETCH_SIZE) self.__buffer = fetch_data(self.__blob_key, self.__position, self.__position + read_size - 1) self.__buffer_position = 0 self.__eof = len(self.__buffer) < read_size @property def blob_info(self): """Returns the BlobInfo for this file.""" if not self.__blob_info: self.__blob_info = BlobInfo.get(self.__blob_key) return self.__blob_info
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