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Provides a service for indexing documents and retrieving them using search queries.

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Package Description

Provides a service for indexing documents and retrieving them using search queries. This is a low-level API that allows users to directly create Documents which can be indexed and retrieved with the help of Index.

A Document is a collection of Fields. Each field is a named and typed value. A document is uniquely identified by its ID and may contain zero or more fields. A field with a given name can have multiple occurrences. Once documents are put into the Index, they can be retrieved via search queries. Typically, a program creates an index. This operation does nothing if the index was already created. Next, a number of documents are inserted into the index. Finally, index is searched and matching documents, or their snippets are returned to the user.

 public List<ScoredDocument> indexAndSearch(
     String query, Document... documents) {
     SearchService searchService = SearchServiceFactory.getSearchService();
     Index index = searchService.getIndex(
     for (Document document : documents) {
       PutResponse response = index.put(document);
       assert response.getResults().get(0).getCode().equals(StatusCode.OK);
     Results<ScoredDocument> results =;
     List<ScoredDocument> matched = new ArrayList<ScoredDocument>(
     for (ScoredDocument result : results) {
     return matched;
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