A PHP Task Queue Example

The following code creates a task that will be sent as a POST request to the /worker handler of the application. The task contains name and action data, and will be processed by the default queue:

$task = new PushTask(
    ['name' => 'john doe', 'action' => 'send_reminder']);
$task_name = $task->add();

You can also add tasks in bulk to a queue using PushQueue. In the following example, two PushTask objects are added to a PushQueue using the addTasks() method.

$task1 = new PushTask('/someUrl');
$task2 = new PushTask('/someOtherUrl');
$queue = new PushQueue();
$queue->addTasks([$task1, $task2]);

When you use PushTask and PushQueue, include these statements at the top of your PHP file:

use google\appengine\api\taskqueue\PushTask;
use google\appengine\api\taskqueue\PushQueue;