Migrating from Appstats to Cloud Trace

Cloud Trace provides a feature set similar to Appstats. It is turned on automatically for all applications running in the App Engine standard environment. You don't add or change any code or configuration to your application to support Trace!

To migrate your Java application away from Appstats:

  1. Refer to the Appstats page for a listing of the files and the content that was added to support Appstats.
  2. Using that page as a guide,
    • Remove the appengine-apis-labs.jar dependency from your build file (Maven or Gradle), so that it is removed from the WEB-INF/lib area of your web application. This removal applies to all versions of appengine-apis-lab.jarfrom the Maven repository or from the App Engine SDK.
    • From your web.xml, remove all filter and filter-mapping elements referring to appstats.
    • From your web.xml, remove all servlet and servlet-mapping elements referring to appstats.
    • Make sure all references to AppstatsFilter are deleted from your web.xml.
  3. Rebuild and redeploy your app.

At this point, your application no longer uses Appstats or the Appstats console, but you can find comparable information about your app in the Cloud Trace console. For more information about using Trace, see the Cloud Trace Quickstart.