Get fleet membership status

This page shows you how to get the fleet membership status of your clusters, including listing all your fleet members, and getting membership details such as the cluster's membership name or if it has fleet Workload Identity enabled. You can use this information to validate that you have successfully registered a cluster, or to perform other fleet-level tasks.

You can view clusters that have been successfully registered by using the gcloud CLI or the Google Cloud console. Additional status details are available only by using the gcloud CLI.


The following commands provide information about fleet members:

  • List all registered clusters in a project:

    gcloud container fleet memberships list \

    In the command output, the Name column lists the membership names of registered clusters. The membership name might be the same as the cluster name depending on the membership name that was chosen when the cluster was registered. The EXTERNAL_ID column lists the clusters' UIDs in the kube-system namespace. You can find a cluster's UID with the following command: kubectl get namespace kube-system -o jsonpath='{.metadata.uid}'

  • View fleet membership details about a cluster:

    gcloud container fleet memberships describe MEMBERSHIP_NAME \


If you have the Anthos API enabled in your project, you can view a list of all registered clusters in the Google Cloud console.

  1. With the project selected, visit the Anthos clusters page in the Google Cloud console.

    Go to the Anthos clusters page

  2. If your cluster is in the list, it is registered.

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