Resizing the control plane node for a user cluster

This page describes how to resize the GKE on VMware control-plane node for the user cluster. Resizing the control-plane node means adding or removing CPUs and changing the amount of memory from the control-plane node for the user cluster.

You cannot resize the control-plane node manually if you have enabled automatic node resizing.

To add or remove CPUs and memory in the control-plane node:

  1. Edit the user cluster configuration file. Change the masterNode.cpus and masterNode.memoryMB values as desired.

     cpus: 4
     memoryMB: 8192
     # How many machines of this type to deploy
     replicas: 3
  2. Run this command to update the cluster:

    gkectl update cluster --kubeconfig ADMIN_CLUSTER_KUBECONFIG --config USER_CONFIG_FILE

    Replace ADMIN_CLUSTER_KUBECONFIG with the path of your admin cluster kubeconfig file. Replace USER_CONFIG_FILE with the path of your user cluster configuration file.