Version 1.6. This version is no longer supported as outlined in the Anthos version support policy. For the latest patches and updates for security vulnerabilities, exposures, and issues impacting Anthos clusters on VMware (GKE on-prem), upgrade to a supported version. You can find the most recent version here.

gkeadm delete

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gkeadm delete admin-workstation

Delete a GKE On-Prem admin workstation.

  gkeadm delete admin-workstation [flags]

      --config string     File path that contains the configuration of the admin workstation to be deleted. (default "admin-ws-config.yaml")
      --force             Force delete the admin workstation without prompt for confirmation. Use this flag with caution.
  -h, --help              help for admin-workstation
      --skip-validation   Skip validations.

Global Flags:
      --add_dir_header             If true, adds the file directory to the header
      --alsologtostderr            log to standard error as well as files
      --log_file string            If non-empty, use this log file
      --log_file_max_size uint     Defines the maximum size a log file can grow to. Unit is megabytes. If the value is 0, the maximum file size is unlimited. (default 1800)
      --skip_headers               If true, avoid header prefixes in the log messages
      --skip_log_headers           If true, avoid headers when opening log files
      --stderrthreshold severity   logs at or above this threshold go to stderr (default 2)
  -v, --v Level                    number for the log level verbosity (default 0)