Version 1.4. This version is no longer supported as outlined in the Anthos version support policy. For the latest patches and updates for security vulnerabilities, exposures, and issues impacting Anthos clusters on VMware (GKE on-prem), upgrade to a supported version. You can find the most recent version here.

Anthos Ready Storage Partners

Anthos Ready Storage Qualification

Google Cloud has established the following requirements to be met for a Storage Partner's system to achieve Anthos Ready qualification. Container Storage Interface (CSI) is a vendor neutral interface for vendors to expose their block and file storage systems to Container Orchestration Systems (COs) like Kubernetes. Anthos Ready Storage qualification ensures that our storage partners' CSI drivers can provide a seamless experience between GKE on-prem and the partners' block/file storage systems.

For a partner's CSI driver to be considered for the program, the partner must support:

  • Ability to deploy the storage CSI driver and its dependencies, using Kubernetes framework.
  • Core functions that customers require today, including dynamic provisioning of volumes, via the Kubernetes native Storage APIs.
  • The ability to manage storage for Kubernetes scale up and scale down scenarios.
  • Workload portability with persistence storage for the stateful workloads.

Anthos Ready Storage Partners are given the option of which version of vSphere to perform their qualification with. If you don't see a specific version of vSphere included in the qualification matrix for a given partner, please check with the partner to confirm their support for the specific version of vSphere.

You can find out more about the program in Anthos Ready Partners.

Anthos Ready Storage Partners

Storage Partner Dell EMC
Solution CSI Driver for PowerMax
Qualification Matrix
Anthos Version Driver Version vSphere Version Additional Capabilities Tested
1.1.x 1.1 6.5
1.2.x 1.1 6.5
1.3.x 1.2* 6.5
1.4.x 1.3* 6.5
*Be sure to apply a patch to disable the alpha snapshotter with this version.
Description Container Storage Interface (CSI) specification was designed to provide an interface that Container Orchestrators (like Kubernetes) can use to provision storage. Storage vendors implement CSI Drivers that conform to the specification which provide storage services via this vendor neutral Container Storage Interface.
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Storage Partner HPE
Solution HPE CSI Driver
Qualification Matrix
Anthos Version Driver Version vSphere Version Additional Capabilities Tested
1.1.x 1.0 6.7u3
1.2.x 1.0 6.7u3
1.3.x 1.0 6.7u3
1.4.x 1.2.0 6.7u3 Raw Block
Description A Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver for Kubernetes. The HPE CSI Driver for Kubernetes allows you to use a Container Storage Provider to perform data management operations on storage resources. The HPE CSI Driver allows any vendor or project to develop its own Container Storage Provider by using the CSP specification available on the HPE DEV portal. This makes it very easy for 3rd parties to integrate their storage solution into Kubernetes as all of the intricacies are taken care of by the HPE CSI Driver. The CSI specification includes constructs to manage snapshots (not yet supported in Anthos) as native Kubernetes objects and create new PVCs by referencing those objects.
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Storage Partner NetApp
Solution CSI Trident for Kubernetes
Qualification Matrix
Anthos Version Driver Version vSphere Version Additional Capabilities Tested
1.1.x 20.01 6.5 ReadWriteMany
1.2.x 20.01 6.5 ReadWriteMany
1.3.x 20.04 6.5 ReadWriteMany
1.4.x 20.07 6.7 ReadWriteMany
Trident has been validated for NAS protocol only.
Description The Container Storage Interface (CSI) provides a framework to standardize communications between container orchestrators and storage systems. This is a community effort driven by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Storage Special Interest Group (SIG). NetApp implemented CSI in Trident to simplify the consumption of persistent storage for Kubernetes users while offering a universal interface to all major NetApp storage platforms. CSI is supported by Trident versions 19.07 or above and it can be downloaded from
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Storage Partner Portworx
Solution Portworx with CSI
Qualification Matrix
Anthos Version Driver Version vSphere Version* Additional Capabilities Tested
1.1.x 6.7u3
1.2.x 6.7u3
1.3.x 6.7u3
1.4.x 2.5.3 6.7u3
*Per Portworx documentation only vSphere 6.7u3 or later should be used when combining Portworx with Anthos.
Description The Portworx Enterprise Storage Platform for Kubernetes is built from the ground up to solve the business requirements necessary to run data-rich applications on Kubernetes in production. The Portworx Enterprise platform provides solutions for scalable, performant container storage, Kubernetes backup and disater recovery, multi-cloud operations, data security, capacity management, and compliance and governance.
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Storage Partner Pure Storage
Solution Pure Service Orchestrator/CSI driver
Qualification Matrix
Anthos Version Driver Version vSphere Version Additional Capabilities Tested
1.2.x 5.0.5 6.7u3
1.3.x 5.2 6.7u3
1.4.x 5.2 6.7u3
Description Pure Service Orchestrator (PSO) is a Kubernetes storage solution that provides a storage-as-a-service offering for enterprises running Pure Storage FlashArray and FlashBlade products. PSO pools these multiple block-based and file-based storage arrays under one CSI driver deployment, to allow intelligent volume placement across that pool. It is deployed as a CSI driver and conforms to CSI v1.1 specification. The CSI driver is deployed via a Helm Chart available here ( It supports all Kubernetes versions starting from v1.13
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Storage Partner
Solution ROBIN Storage
Qualification Matrix
Anthos Version Driver Version vSphere Version Additional Capabilities Tested
1.1.x 1.0 6.5
1.2.x 1.0 6.5
1.3.x 1.0 6.5
1.4.x 1.0 6.5
Description ROBIN Storage is an application-aware container storage that offers advanced data management capabilities and runs natively on any Kubernetes distribution including Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Anthos. ROBIN Storage delivers bare-metal performance and enables you to Protect (via Snapshots, Backups), Secure (via encryption), Collaborate (via Clones and git like push/pull workflows), and make Portable (via Cloud-sync) any Stateful application that is deployed using Helm Charts or Operators.
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