Version 1.3. This version is no longer supported as outlined in the Anthos version support policy. For the latest patches and updates for security vulnerabilities, exposures, and issues impacting Anthos clusters on VMware (GKE on-prem), upgrade to a supported version. You can find the most recent version here.

Configuring your Google Cloud project

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This page shows how to configure your Google Cloud project before you install GKE on-prem.

To install GKE on-prem, you must have an Anthos subscription. And if you have an Anthos subscription, you have already done the following:

  • Created a Google Cloud project.

  • In your Google Cloud project, created a service account and arranged for your service account to be allowlisted. The GKE on-prem documentation refers to this account as your allowlisted service account.

Logging in

Log in to Google Cloud using your account credentials:

gcloud auth login

Setting a default project ID

Set a default project ID:

gcloud config set project [PROJECT_ID]

where [PROJECT_ID] is your project ID.

Now that you have a default project ID, you won't have to include the --project flag in your gcloud commands.

Enabling the required APIs in your project

Enable the required APIs in your Google Cloud project:

Linux and macOS

gcloud services enable \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \


gcloud services enable ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Configuring Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring is enabled by default for GKE on-prem.