List workflows using Ruby

Lists workflows using Ruby.

Code sample


Before trying this sample, follow the Ruby setup instructions in the Workflows quickstart using client libraries. For more information, see the Workflows Ruby API reference documentation.

require "google/cloud/workflows/v1"

# Create a client object. The client can be reused for multiple calls.
client =

# Create a request. To set request fields, pass in keyword arguments.
request =

# Call the list_workflows method.
result = client.list_workflows request

# The returned object is of type Gapic::PagedEnumerable. You can
# iterate over all elements by calling #each, and the enumerable
# will lazily make API calls to fetch subsequent pages. Other
# methods are also available for managing paging directly.
result.each do |response|
  # Each element is of type ::Google::Cloud::Workflows::V1::Workflow.
  p response

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