Connector for Cloud Build

Workflows connector that defines the built-in function used to access Cloud Build within a workflow.

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# This workflow demonstrates how to use the Cloud Build connector.
# The workflow creates a simple build and the image is stored to an Artifact Registery repo. 
# The workflow assumes a properly defined source tgz file already
# exists in a Cloud Storage bucket: gs://your-project-id_cloudbuild/source/placeholder_src.tgz 
# and a repository "your-project-id-docker-repo" already
# exists in Artifact Registry where the image will be stored.
# The new table and dataset are both deleted in the following steps.
# Expected successful output: "SUCCESS"

- init:
    - project_id: ${sys.get_env("GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT_ID")}
    - location_id: "global"
    - repo: ${project_id + "-docker-repo"}
    - image_path: ${"" + project_id + "/" + repo + "/quickstart-image:tag1"}
- create_build:
    call: googleapis.cloudbuild.v1.projects.builds.create
      projectId: ${project_id}
      parent: ${"projects/" + project_id + "/locations/" + location_id}
            bucket: ${project_id + "_cloudbuild"}
            object: "source/placeholder_src.tgz"
        - name: ""
          args: ["build", "-t", ${image_path}, "."]
        images: [${image_path}]
- the_end:
    return: "SUCCESS"

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