Create new network policy

Creates a new network policy in a given network.

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To authenticate to VMware Engine, set up Application Default Credentials. For more information, see Set up authentication for a local development environment.

from google.api_core import operation
from import vmwareengine_v1

def create_network_policy(
    project_id: str,
    region: str,
    ip_range: str,
    internet_access: bool,
    external_ip: bool,
) -> operation.Operation:
    Creates a new network policy in a given network.

        project_id: name of the project you want to use.
        region: name of the region you want to use. I.e. "us-central1"
        ip_range: the CIDR range to use for internet access and external IP access gateways,
            in CIDR notation. An RFC 1918 CIDR block with a "/26" suffix is required.
        internet_access: should internet access be allowed.
        external_ip: should external IP addresses be assigned.

        An operation object representing the started operation. You can call its .result() method to wait for
        it to finish.

        ValueError if the provided ip_range doesn't end with /26.
    if not ip_range.endswith("/26"):
        raise ValueError(
            "The ip_range needs to be an RFC 1918 CIDR block with a '/26' suffix"

    network_policy = vmwareengine_v1.NetworkPolicy()
    network_policy.vmware_engine_network = f"projects/{project_id}/locations/{region}/vmwareEngineNetworks/{region}-default"
    network_policy.edge_services_cidr = ip_range
    network_policy.internet_access.enabled = internet_access
    network_policy.external_ip.enabled = external_ip

    request = vmwareengine_v1.CreateNetworkPolicyRequest()
    request.network_policy = network_policy
    request.parent = f"projects/{project_id}/locations/{region}"
    request.network_policy_id = f"{region}-default"

    client = vmwareengine_v1.VmwareEngineClient()
    return client.create_network_policy(request)

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