Looker Premium Support Services Guide

Last modified: October 29, 2020

The Google Cloud Platform Technical Support Services Guidelines (the "Guidelines") describe how Google will offer TSS to Customer for Looker Services, except as outlined in this Looker Premium Support Services Guide (the "Guide"), which is incorporated into the Guidelines. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Guide have the meanings given to them in the Guidelines.

Google will offer Premium Support to Customer for Looker Services as detailed below:

Services Updates

New Releases. Google will notify Customer of new Looker Services releases if and when they are made available. Releases may include Looker Services version updates, feature releases, and patches. Google will provide new Looker Services releases in accordance with the Maintenance Schedule.

End of Life Policy. Google provides active support to the most recent minor release (e.g. 6.4), the previous two minor releases (e.g. 6.2, 6.0) and the most recent Extended Support Release. Beyond these releases, Google considers versions End-of-Life (EOL) as designated by the Officially Supported Releases at looker.com/docs/supported-releases.

Designated Contacts

For the Looker Services, "Designated Contacts" means individuals who have been designated as administrators or technical employees with access to the Admin Console or individuals who have been assigned to Admin or Developer roles within the Looker Services.

Language Support

The parties agree that all support provided by Google for the Looker Services will be in either English or Japanese languages.


A Technical Account Manager for the Looker Services may be purchased, subject to additional fees and terms. Please contact your account team for pricing details.

Enrollment and Unenrollment

If Customer is an existing Google Cloud Premium Support customer, instead of the 1-year Fee commitment, Customer's term for the Looker Premium Support Services will be pro-rated to co-terminate with Customer's Google Cloud Premium Support term.

Collaborative Support

Collaborative Support is not available for the Looker Services.


Google Support Personnel means the Google representatives responsible for handing Looker Services Requests.

Maintenance Schedule means the schedule described at Looker Maintenance Schedule.

Additional Terms

Core Support for Looker Services will be provided pursuant to the Looker Technical Support Services Guidelines, at https://looker.com/trust-center/legal/customers/support.

For the avoidance of doubt, Google has no obligation to provide TSS for any Looker Service that is an Alpha or Beta version, feature, or functionality of the Services.