Supplemental Terms and Conditions For Google Cloud Startup Program

Last modified: October 24, 2017

These Supplemental Terms and Conditions for the Google Cloud Startup Program (“Startup Program Terms and Conditions”) are an addendum to the Google Cloud Platform License Agreement and Cloud Coupon Terms and Conditions, and apply to Customer‘s participation in the Google Cloud Startup Program (“Startup Program”). Capitalized terms not defined in the Startup Program Terms and Conditions will have the meanings given to them in the Google Cloud Platform License Agreement.

    1. Conditions.

    1.1 The Startup Program applies only to the use of the Services.

    1.2 Only new Google Cloud Platform customers are eligible to participate in the Startup Program.

    1.3 The Startup Program starts when Customer creates a billing account in the Google Cloud Console (“Startup Program Start Date”) and ends on the earlier of (i) the date that Customer’s fees for usage exceeds all of the credit issued by Google or Google cancels all of the issued credit in accordance with the Cloud Coupon Terms and Conditions or (ii) 3 months from the Startup Program Start Date.

    2. Limitations. During the Startup Program Customer may not use the Services to engage in mining cryptocurrency unless Customer has obtained Google’s written consent which consent may be revoked by Google in its sole discretion at any time.

    3. Conclusion of the Startup Program. When the Startup Program ends, Customer may no longer have access to the Services and the Startup Program Terms and Conditions will no longer apply.