Google Cloud Platform Subject to the Deprecation Policy

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Last modified: August 3, 2018

The following Google Cloud Platform Services versions and features are subject to the Deprecation Policy (as set forth in your applicable terms of service). Any versions, features, or functionality of the Services below labeled “Early Access”, “Alpha”, or “Beta” are excluded from the Deprecation Policy. See launch stages for further information about Google Cloud Platform launch stages.

  • Google App Engine, excluding:
    • Google App Engine development and deployment tool support for a programming language version that is no longer publicly supported by, or receiving security updates from, the organization maintaining that programming language
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service, excluding:
    • Where the SaaS reports provided by the originating SaaS application are no longer made available to the BigQuery Data Transfer Service.
  • Google Cloud CDN
  • Google Cloud IoT Core
  • Google Cloud Dataflow
  • Google Cloud Dataproc
  • Google Cloud Datastore
  • Google Cloud DNS
  • Google Cloud Bigtable
  • Google Cloud Key Management Service
  • Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine
  • Google Cloud Natural Language API
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud Speech API
  • Google Cloud SQL, excluding:
    • Specific resource and instance types
  • Google Cloud Translation
  • Google Cloud Vision
  • Google Compute Engine, excluding:
    • Specific resource and instance types
  • Google Kubernetes Engine, excluding:
    • Any cluster node versions more than two minor versions older than the master node current release, as described in the Google Kubernetes Engine Documentation
  • Cloud Spanner
  • Google Stackdriver
  • IPSec VPN
  • Cloud Talent Solution