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TensorFlow Enterprise provides a seamless, scalable and supported TensorFlow development experience across a variety of Google Cloud AI products. All TensorFlow Enterprise versions provide users with a Google Cloud optimized distribution of TensorFlow, and specific versions of TensorFlow Enterprise also include Long Term Version Support.

TensorFlow Enterprise distribution

The TensorFlow Enterprise distribution contains custom built TensorFlow binaries and related packages. Each version of the TensorFlow Enterprise distribution is anchored on a particular version of TensorFlow, and all packages included are available in open source.

The TensorFlow Enterprise is available to use in the following products:

  • Vertex AI
  • Deep Learning VM Images
  • Deep Learning Containers
  • AI Platform Training

Long Term Version Support

Specific versions of the TensorFlow Enterprise distribution, when used on Google Cloud, are supported with security updates and selected bug fixes for a period of three years. All users of TensorFlow receive one year of support for the last minor version in each major release. For example, TensorFlow 1.15 continued to release security patches for one year after its release. In contrast, versions of the TensorFlow Enterprise distribution that include Long Term Version Support will be supported for a total of three years.

The TensorFlow Enterprise distribution is not a fork of TensorFlow. While it is available in Google Cloud products, patches and bug fixes included in the TensorFlow Enterprise distribution will be reflected in the mainline TensorFlow code repository.

Version Details

Version Date of release Long Term Version Support
TensorFlow Enterprise 2.10 September 20, 2022 Not included
TensorFlow Enterprise 2.9 May 16, 2022 Not included
TensorFlow Enterprise 2.8 February 2, 2022 Included
TensorFlow Enterprise 2.7 November 04, 2021 Not included
TensorFlow Enterprise 2.6 August 11, 2021 Included
TensorFlow Enterprise 2.5 May 14, 2021 Not included
TensorFlow Enterprise 2.3 August 17, 2020 Included
TensorFlow Enterprise 2.1 January 8, 2020 Included
TensorFlow Enterprise 1.15 October 30, 2019 Included

What's included in TensorFlow Enterprise

The following packages are included in TensorFlow Enterprise. These packages are updated with non-API breaking changes as they become available and are fully tested.

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