SQL Server 2019 Express maintenance changelog

This page contains a log of maintenance changes.

Cloud SQL releases maintenance updates regularly. Maintenance updates include things such as new features, security patches, bug fixes, performance improvements, and more.

Maintenance updates can be performed by you using self-service maintenance, or by Cloud SQL through scheduled maintenance updates that happen once every few months. For scheduled maintenance updates, you can set windows for when maintenance updates occur. See Find and set maintenance windows.

To learn more about maintenance updates, see About maintenance on Cloud SQL.

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Date released Release type Database minor version
2022-06-20 Self-Service SQL Server 2019 Express CU16

Security patches

CVE-2022-0494, CVE-2022-1116, CVE-2022-1516, CVE-2022-1729, CVE-2022-1786, CVE-2022-28893, CVE-2022-29581, CVE-2022-30594


Date released Release type Database minor version
2022-05-09 Self-service SQL Server 2019 Express CU15

Security patches

CVE-2020-13529, CVE-2020-36516, CVE-2021-20321, CVE-2021-3732, CVE-2021-3753, CVE-2021-4154, CVE-2021-45346, CVE-2022-0001, CVE-2022-0002, CVE-2022-0264, CVE-2022-0617, CVE-2022-0847, CVE-2022-0886, CVE-2022-0943, CVE-2022-1055, CVE-2022-23308, CVE-2022-23648, CVE-2022-24448, CVE-2022-24769, CVE-2022-27666, CVE-2022-29582

Addendum Security patches

CVE-2021-4148, CVE-2021-4157, CVE-2021-45402, CIS Benchmark 2.0.0-6.1.14


Date released Release type Database minor version
2022-04-22 Self-service SQL Server 2019 Express CU15

Security patches

CVE-2021-3743, CVE-2021-4001, CVE-2021-22570, CVE-2021-28714, CVE-2021-28715, CVE-2021-34556, CVE-2021-35477, CVE-2022-0778, CVE-2022-25314


Date released Release type Database minor version
2022-03-31 Self-service SQL Server 2019 Express CU15

Security patches

CVE-2020-12403, CVE-2021-3711, CVE-2021-3770, CVE-2021-3778, CVE-2021-3796, CVE-2021-3872, CVE-2021-3875, CVE-2021-3903, CVE-2021-3927, CVE-2021-3928, CVE-2021-3968, CVE-2021-3973, CVE-2021-3974, CVE-2021-3984, CVE-2021-4002, CVE-2021-4019, CVE-2021-4069, CVE-2021-4083, CVE-2021-4136, CVE-2021-4166, CVE-2021-4173, CVE-2021-4187, CVE-2021-4192, CVE-2021-4193, CVE-2021-20322, CVE-2021-22945, CVE-2021-32760, CVE-2021-39537, CVE-2021-40528, CVE-2021-41103, CVE-2021-41190, CVE-2021-43527, CVE-2021-43784, CVE-2021-43816, CVE-2022-0128, CVE-2022-0156, CVE-2022-0158, CVE-2022-0185, CVE-2022-0261, CVE-2022-0318, CVE-2022-0319, CVE-2022-0359, CVE-2022-0361, CVE-2022-0368, CVE-2022-0392, CVE-2022-0393, CVE-2022-0407, CVE-2022-0408, CVE-2022-0413, CVE-2022-0443, CVE-2022-0492