Supported operations

This page shows all the operations you can use for the ops audit log setting.

Operation groups

The following is a list of operation groups and each operation in the group supported by MySQL database auditing.

Operation groups Operations included
call call_procedure
dcl grant, revoke, revoke_all
ddl alter_db, alter_event, alter_function, alter_procedure, alter_table, alter_user, create_db, create_event, create_function, create_index, create_procedure, create_table, create_trigger, create_udf, create_user, create_view, drop_db, drop_event, drop_function, drop_index, drop_procedure, drop_table, drop_trigger, drop_user, drop_view, rename_table rename_user
dml delete, delete_multi, insert, insert_select, load, replace, replace_select, truncate, update, update_multi
dql select
show show_binlog_events, show_create_event, show_create_func, show_create_proc, show_events, show_function_code, show_grants, show_procedure_code, show_relaylog_events, show_triggers


The following are the operations supported by MySQL database auditing.

alter_db create_trigger drop_user show_create_event
alter_event create_udf drop_view show_create_func
alter_function create_user grant show_create_proc
alter_procedure create_view insert show_create_trigger
alter_table delete insert_select show_events
alter_user delete_multi load show_function_code
call_procedure disconnect rename_table show_grants
connect drop_db rename_user show_procedure_code
create_db drop_event replace show_relaylog_events
create_event drop_function replace_select show_triggers
create_function drop_index revoke truncate
create_index drop_procedure revoke_all update
create_procedure drop_table select update_multi
create_table drop_trigger show_binlog_events

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