The Tiers resource represents a service configuration that can be used to define a Cloud SQL instance. Each tier has an associated RAM, maximum storage, and list of regions in which the tier can be used. Available tiers vary depending on whether you use Second Generation or First Generation instances. (Note that, for Cloud SQL Second Generation instances, machine types replace tiers.)

Cloud SQL Second Generation Machine Types

Note: This is a Beta release of Cloud SQL. This feature might be changed in backward-incompatible ways and is not subject to any SLA or deprecation policy.

Name CPU Cores RAM (GB)
db-f1-micro Shared 0.6
db-g1-small Shared 1.7
db-n1-standard-1 1 3.75
db-n1-standard-2 2 7.5
db-n1-standard-4 4 15
db-n1-standard-8 8 30
db-n1-standard-16 16 60
db-n1-highmem-2 2 13
db-n1-highmem-4 4 26
db-n1-highmem-8 8 52
db-n1-highmem-16 16 104

Cloud SQL First Generation Tiers

Tier RAM Included Storage Max Storage Included I/O per Day Charge per Day Maximum Concurrent Connections
D0 0.125GB 0.5GB 500GB 200K $0.36 250
D1 0.5GB 1GB 500GB 850K $1.46 250
D2 1GB 2GB 500GB 1.7M $2.93 250
D4 2GB 5GB 500GB 4M $4.40 500
D8 4GB 10GB 500GB 8M $8.78 1000
D16 8GB 10GB 500GB 16M $17.57 2000
D32 16GB 10GB 500GB 32M $35.13 4000
To learn more about Cloud SQL Second Generation, see Second Generation Capabilities. For more information on pricing, see Pricing

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

A Tier resource.

  "kind": "sql#tier",
  "tier": string,
  "RAM": long,
  "DiskQuota": long,
  "region": [
Property name Value Description Notes
DiskQuota long The maximum disk size of this tier in bytes.
RAM long The maximum RAM usage of this tier in bytes.
kind string This is always sql#tier.
region[] list The applicable regions for this tier. For a complete list of valid values, see Instance Locations.
tier string An identifier for the service tier, for example D1, D2 etc. For related information, see Pricing.


Lists all available service tiers for Google Cloud SQL, for example D1, D2. For related information, see Pricing.

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