Synchronously recognize Cloud Storage

Creates a stub connected to the Speech-to-Text service.

Code sample


// Create a Speech client with the default configuration
auto client = speech::SpeechClient(speech::MakeSpeechConnection());
// Parse command line arguments.
auto const args = ParseArguments(argc, argv);
speech::v1::RecognizeRequest request;
*request.mutable_config() = args.config;
  // Pass the Google Cloud Storage URI to the request.
// Send audio content using Recognize().
auto response = client.Recognize(request);
if (!response) throw std::move(response).status();
// Dump the transcript of all the results.
for (auto const& result : response->results()) {
  for (auto const& alternative : result.alternatives()) {
    std::cout << alternative.confidence() << "\t" << alternative.transcript()
              << "\n";

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