reCAPTCHA keys

reCAPTCHA keys, also known as site keys, let you protect your endpoints by verifying user interactions on your web pages and mobile applications.

reCAPTCHA Enterprise provides two types of site keys:

  • Score-based (no challenge) site keys: Score-based site keys let you verify whether an interaction is legitimate without any user interaction. You can use score-based site keys on web pages and mobile applications.

  • Checkbox (checkbox challenge) site keys: Checkbox site keys use a checkbox challenge that requires user interaction to verify that the user is not a robot. Also, you can use checkbox site keys to protect specific actions with CAPTCHA challenges. You can use checkbox site keys only on web pages.

Both site keys return a score for each request, which is based on the interactions with your site or application. By interpreting these scores, you can take appropriate actions for your site or application.

You can create keys for web pages and mobile applications. You can also edit and delete keys.

What's next

  1. Choose the appropriate key type for your web pages or mobile applications.
  2. Create reCAPTCHA keys.