Prepare for Google Play's data disclosure requirements

In May 2021, Google Play announced the new Data safety section, which is a developer-provided disclosure for an app's data collection, sharing, and security practices. This document helps you complete the requirements for this data disclosure in regards to your usage of the reCAPTCHA Enterprise Android SDK.

We aim to be as transparent as possible in supporting you. However, as the app developer, you are solely responsible for deciding how to respond to Google Play's Data safety section form regarding your app's end-user data collection, sharing, and security practices.

Data collected by reCAPTCHA Enterprise

reCAPTCHA Enterprise collects the following data automatically when it receives requests from the reCAPTCHA Enterprise Android SDK:

Data Description
IP address Collects IP addresses from the network requests coming from the reCAPTCHA Enterprise Android SDK to help detect abuse.
SDK version used by the app Collects version of the reCAPTCHA Enterprise Android SDK that the app uses.
Application package name Collects package name of the application.
User action string Collects user actions from the app. For example, RecaptchaActionType.LOGIN.
Device integrity response Collects device integrity information from Google Play services.
App interactions Collects information about how a user interacts with the app. For example, the number of times they visit a page or sections they tap on.
Installed apps Collects information about some apps installed on a device, including malicious apps.
Device ID Collects identifiers that relate to an individual device, such as IMEI.

For more information about the data collected by reCAPTCHA Enterprise, privacy policy, and terms, see the reCAPTCHA Enterprise section of Service Terms in Service Specific Terms.

Complete your data disclosure

  1. Determine which data type best describes the data collected by reCAPTCHA Enterprise Android SDK. To learn about the data types, see Android's guide about data types.

  2. Fill out the Data safety form in Play Console. For instructions, see Provide information for Google Play's Data safety section.

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