Action names

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An action name is a name that you use to describe user-initiated events corresponding to the action parameter in grecaptcha.enterprise.execute(). You specify action names in the actionparameter when installing the site keys and creating assessments. We recommend using action names that are unique, meaningful, and not specific to users. Action names are not case-sensitive and they can only contain alphanumeric characters, slashes, and underscores. When querying for action names in the Metrics explorer, you must use action names in lowercase.

The following table lists some example action names and their example corresponding events. When you install a score-based site key or create an assessment, you can use action names of your choice and need not confine it to the following list:

Action name User initiated event
LOGIN Log in to the website or mobile application.
PASSWORD_RESET Request to reset the password.
ADD_TO_CART Add items to the cart.
CHECKOUT Check out from the website or mobile application.
GET_PRICE Fetch price for an item.
PLAY_SONG Play a song from a list.

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