Class ScanRunWarningTrace (1.14.2)

ScanRunWarningTrace(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Output only. Defines a warning trace message for ScanRun. Warning traces provide customers with useful information that helps make the scanning process more effective.


Output only. Indicates the warning code.




Output only. Defines a warning message code. Next id: 6

Values: CODE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value is never used. INSUFFICIENT_CRAWL_RESULTS (1): Indicates that a scan discovered an unexpectedly low number of URLs. This is sometimes caused by complex navigation features or by using a single URL for numerous pages. TOO_MANY_CRAWL_RESULTS (2): Indicates that a scan discovered too many URLs to test, or excessive redundant URLs. TOO_MANY_FUZZ_TASKS (3): Indicates that too many tests have been generated for the scan. Customer should try reducing the number of starting URLs, increasing the QPS rate, or narrowing down the scope of the scan using the excluded patterns. BLOCKED_BY_IAP (4): Indicates that a scan is blocked by IAP. NO_STARTING_URL_FOUND_FOR_MANAGED_SCAN (5): Indicates that no seeds is found for a scan