Class Code (1.11.1)

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Output only. Defines an error reason code. Next id: 8

Values: CODE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value is never used. INTERNAL_ERROR (1): Indicates that the scan run failed due to an internal server error. SCAN_CONFIG_ISSUE (2): Indicates a scan configuration error, usually due to outdated ScanConfig settings, such as starting_urls or the DNS configuration. AUTHENTICATION_CONFIG_ISSUE (3): Indicates an authentication error, usually due to outdated ScanConfig authentication settings. TIMED_OUT_WHILE_SCANNING (4): Indicates a scan operation timeout, usually caused by a very large site. TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS (5): Indicates that a scan encountered excessive redirects, either to authentication or some other page outside of the scan scope. TOO_MANY_HTTP_ERRORS (6): Indicates that a scan encountered numerous errors from the web site pages. When available, most_common_http_error_code field indicates the most common HTTP error code encountered during the scan.