Class RiceDeltaEncoding (1.14.2)

RiceDeltaEncoding(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The Rice-Golomb encoded data. Used for sending compressed 4-byte hashes or compressed removal indices.


first_value int
The offset of the first entry in the encoded data, or, if only a single integer was encoded, that single integer's value. If the field is empty or missing, assume zero.
rice_parameter int
The Golomb-Rice parameter, which is a number between 2 and 28. This field is missing (that is, zero) if num_entries is zero.
entry_count int
The number of entries that are delta encoded in the encoded data. If only a single integer was encoded, this will be zero and the single value will be stored in first_value.
encoded_data bytes
The encoded deltas that are encoded using the Golomb-Rice coder.