Class RawHashes

The uncompressed threat entries in hash format. Hashes can be anywhere from 4 to 32 bytes in size. A large majority are 4 bytes, but some hashes are lengthened if they collide with the hash of a popular URI.

Used for sending ThreatEntryAdditons to clients that do not support compression, or when sending non-4-byte hashes to clients that do support compression.

The number of bytes for each prefix encoded below. This field can be anywhere from 4 (shortest prefix) to 32 (full SHA256 hash). In practice this is almost always 4, except in exceptional circumstances.
The hashes, in binary format, concatenated into one long string. Hashes are sorted in lexicographic order. For JSON API users, hashes are base64-encoded.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > RawHashes