Class ResultSetMetadata (3.40.1)

ResultSetMetadata(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Metadata about a ResultSet][google.spanner.v1.ResultSet] or PartialResultSet][google.spanner.v1.PartialResultSet].


Indicates the field names and types for the rows in the result set. For example, a SQL query like "SELECT UserId, UserName FROM Users" could return a row_type value like: :: "fields": [ { "name": "UserId", "type": { "code": "INT64" } }, { "name": "UserName", "type": { "code": "STRING" } }, ]
If the read or SQL query began a transaction as a side-effect, the information about the new transaction is yielded here.
A SQL query can be parameterized. In PLAN mode, these parameters can be undeclared. This indicates the field names and types for those undeclared parameters in the SQL query. For example, a SQL query like "SELECT * FROM Users where UserId = @userId and UserName = @userName " could return a undeclared_parameters value like: :: "fields": [ { "name": "UserId", "type": { "code": "INT64" } }, { "name": "UserName", "type": { "code": "STRING" } }, ]