Class Backup (3.17.0)

Backup(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A backup of a Cloud Spanner database.


database str
Required for the `CreateBackup][google.spanner.admin.database.v1.DatabaseAdmin.CreateBackup]` operation. Name of the database from which this backup was created. This needs to be in the same instance as the backup. Values are of the form ``projects/
version_time google.protobuf.timestamp_pb2.Timestamp
The backup will contain an externally consistent copy of the database at the timestamp specified by ``version_time``. If ``version_time`` is not specified, the system will set ``version_time`` to the ``create_time`` of the backup.
expire_time google.protobuf.timestamp_pb2.Timestamp
Required for the `CreateBackup][google.spanner.admin.database.v1.DatabaseAdmin.CreateBackup]` operation. The expiration time of the backup, with microseconds granularity that must be at least 6 hours and at most 366 days from the time the CreateBackup request is processed. Once the ``expire_time`` has passed, the backup is eligible to be automatically deleted by Cloud Spanner to free the resources used by the backup.
name str
Output only for the `CreateBackup][google.spanner.admin.database.v1.DatabaseAdmin.CreateBackup]` operation. Required for the `UpdateBackup][google.spanner.admin.database.v1.DatabaseAdmin.UpdateBackup]` operation. A globally unique identifier for the backup which cannot be changed. Values are of the form ``projects/
create_time google.protobuf.timestamp_pb2.Timestamp
Output only. The time the `CreateBackup][google.spanner.admin.database.v1.DatabaseAdmin.CreateBackup]` request is received. If the request does not specify ``version_time``, the ``version_time`` of the backup will be equivalent to the ``create_time``.
size_bytes int
Output only. Size of the backup in bytes.
Output only. The current state of the backup.
referencing_databases Sequence[str]
Output only. The names of the restored databases that reference the backup. The database names are of the form ``projects/
Output only. The encryption information for the backup.
Output only. The database dialect information for the backup.
referencing_backups Sequence[str]
Output only. The names of the destination backups being created by copying this source backup. The backup names are of the form ``projects/
max_expire_time google.protobuf.timestamp_pb2.Timestamp
Output only. The max allowed expiration time of the backup, with microseconds granularity. A backup's expiration time can be configured in multiple APIs: CreateBackup, UpdateBackup, CopyBackup. When updating or copying an existing backup, the expiration time specified must be less than ``Backup.max_expire_time``.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > Backup




Indicates the current state of the backup.