Class KeyFormat (1.8.1)


Types of public keys formats that are supported. Currently, only PEM format is supported.

Values: KEY_FORMAT_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default unspecified value. PEM (1): The key is PEM-encoded as defined in RFC 7468 <>. It can be any of the following: a PEM-encoded PKCS#1/RFC 3447 RSAPublicKey structure, an RFC 5280 SubjectPublicKeyInfo <> or a PEM-encoded X.509 certificate signing request (CSR). If a SubjectPublicKeyInfo <> is specified, it can contain a A PEM-encoded PKCS#1/RFC 3447 RSAPublicKey or a NIST P-256/secp256r1/prime256v1 or P-384 key. If a CSR is specified, it will used solely for the purpose of extracting the public key. When generated by the service, it will always be an RFC 5280 SubjectPublicKeyInfo <> structure containing an algorithm identifier and a key.