Class PublicKey (1.6.1)

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PublicKey(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A PublicKey describes a public key.


key bytes
Required. A public key. The padding and encoding must match with the KeyFormat value specified for the format field.
Required. The format of the public key.




Types of public keys formats that are supported. Currently, only PEM format is supported.

Values: KEY_FORMAT_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default unspecified value. PEM (1): The key is PEM-encoded as defined in RFC 7468 <>. It can be any of the following: a PEM-encoded PKCS#1/RFC 3447 RSAPublicKey structure, an RFC 5280 SubjectPublicKeyInfo <> or a PEM-encoded X.509 certificate signing request (CSR). If a SubjectPublicKeyInfo <> is specified, it can contain a A PEM-encoded PKCS#1/RFC 3447 RSAPublicKey or a NIST P-256/secp256r1/prime256v1 or P-384 key. If a CSR is specified, it will used solely for the purpose of extracting the public key. When generated by the service, it will always be an RFC 5280 SubjectPublicKeyInfo <> structure containing an algorithm identifier and a key.