Class VerificationStatus (2.21.0)


Indicates whether the channel has been verified or not. It is illegal to specify this field in a [CreateNotificationChannel][google.monitoring.v3.NotificationChannelService.CreateNotificationChannel] or an [UpdateNotificationChannel][google.monitoring.v3.NotificationChannelService.UpdateNotificationChannel] operation.

Values: VERIFICATION_STATUS_UNSPECIFIED (0): Sentinel value used to indicate that the state is unknown, omitted, or is not applicable (as in the case of channels that neither support nor require verification in order to function). UNVERIFIED (1): The channel has yet to be verified and requires verification to function. Note that this state also applies to the case where the verification process has been initiated by sending a verification code but where the verification code has not been submitted to complete the process. VERIFIED (2): It has been proven that notifications can be received on this notification channel and that someone on the project has access to messages that are delivered to that channel.