Class Label (2.13.1)


The parse label enum for the token.

Values: UNKNOWN (0): Unknown ABBREV (1): Abbreviation modifier ACOMP (2): Adjectival complement ADVCL (3): Adverbial clause modifier ADVMOD (4): Adverbial modifier AMOD (5): Adjectival modifier of an NP APPOS (6): Appositional modifier of an NP ATTR (7): Attribute dependent of a copular verb AUX (8): Auxiliary (non-main) verb AUXPASS (9): Passive auxiliary CC (10): Coordinating conjunction CCOMP (11): Clausal complement of a verb or adjective CONJ (12): Conjunct CSUBJ (13): Clausal subject CSUBJPASS (14): Clausal passive subject DEP (15): Dependency (unable to determine) DET (16): Determiner DISCOURSE (17): Discourse DOBJ (18): Direct object EXPL (19): Expletive GOESWITH (20): Goes with (part of a word in a text not well edited) IOBJ (21): Indirect object MARK (22): Marker (word introducing a subordinate clause) MWE (23): Multi-word expression MWV (24): Multi-word verbal expression NEG (25): Negation modifier NN (26): Noun compound modifier NPADVMOD (27): Noun phrase used as an adverbial modifier NSUBJ (28): Nominal subject NSUBJPASS (29): Passive nominal subject NUM (30): Numeric modifier of a noun NUMBER (31): Element of compound number P (32): Punctuation mark PARATAXIS (33): Parataxis relation PARTMOD (34): Participial modifier PCOMP (35): The complement of a preposition is a clause POBJ (36): Object of a preposition POSS (37): Possession modifier POSTNEG (38): Postverbal negative particle PRECOMP (39): Predicate complement PRECONJ (40): Preconjunt PREDET (41): Predeterminer PREF (42): Prefix PREP (43): Prepositional modifier PRONL (44): The relationship between a verb and verbal morpheme PRT (45): Particle PS (46): Associative or possessive marker QUANTMOD (47): Quantifier phrase modifier RCMOD (48): Relative clause modifier RCMODREL (49): Complementizer in relative clause RDROP (50): Ellipsis without a preceding predicate REF (51): Referent REMNANT (52): Remnant REPARANDUM (53): Reparandum ROOT (54): Root SNUM (55): Suffix specifying a unit of number SUFF (56): Suffix TMOD (57): Temporal modifier TOPIC (58): Topic marker VMOD (59): Clause headed by an infinite form of the verb that modifies a noun VOCATIVE (60): Vocative XCOMP (61): Open clausal complement SUFFIX (62): Name suffix TITLE (63): Name title ADVPHMOD (64): Adverbial phrase modifier AUXCAUS (65): Causative auxiliary AUXVV (66): Helper auxiliary DTMOD (67): Rentaishi (Prenominal modifier) FOREIGN (68): Foreign words KW (69): Keyword LIST (70): List for chains of comparable items NOMC (71): Nominalized clause NOMCSUBJ (72): Nominalized clausal subject NOMCSUBJPASS (73): Nominalized clausal passive NUMC (74): Compound of numeric modifier COP (75): Copula DISLOCATED (76): Dislocated relation (for fronted/topicalized elements) ASP (77): Aspect marker GMOD (78): Genitive modifier GOBJ (79): Genitive object INFMOD (80): Infinitival modifier MES (81): Measure NCOMP (82): Nominal complement of a noun