Class Case (2.13.2)


The grammatical function performed by a noun or pronoun in a phrase, clause, or sentence. In some languages, other parts of speech, such as adjective and determiner, take case inflection in agreement with the noun.

Values: CASE_UNKNOWN (0): Case is not applicable in the analyzed language or is not predicted. ACCUSATIVE (1): Accusative ADVERBIAL (2): Adverbial COMPLEMENTIVE (3): Complementive DATIVE (4): Dative GENITIVE (5): Genitive INSTRUMENTAL (6): Instrumental LOCATIVE (7): Locative NOMINATIVE (8): Nominative OBLIQUE (9): Oblique PARTITIVE (10): Partitive PREPOSITIONAL (11): Prepositional REFLEXIVE_CASE (12): Reflexive RELATIVE_CASE (13): Relative VOCATIVE (14): Vocative