Class VirtualAgentOutput (1.13.1)

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VirtualAgentOutput(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The output from the virtual agent.


session_parameters google.protobuf.struct_pb2.Struct
The session parameters available to the bot at this point.
differences Sequence[]
Output only. If this is part of a [result conversation turn][TestCaseResult.conversation_turns], the list of differences between the original run and the replay for this output, if any.
diagnostic_info google.protobuf.struct_pb2.Struct
Required. Input only. The diagnostic `info][Session.DetectIntentResponse.QueryResult.diagnostic_info]` output for the turn. Required to calculate the testing coverage.
The Intent that triggered the response. Only name and displayName will be set.
The Page on which the utterance was spoken. Only name and displayName will be set.
text_responses Sequence[]
The text responses from the agent for the turn.
status google.rpc.status_pb2.Status
Response error from the agent in the test result. If set, other output is empty.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > VirtualAgentOutput