Class SearchEvaluationsRequest (1.9.0)

SearchEvaluationsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for SearchEvaluation.


parent str
Required. Evaluation search parent (project ID). Format: "projects/{project_id}".
filter str
Optional. To search evaluations, you can filter by the following: - evaluation\_job.evaluation_job_id (the last part of - evaluation\_job.model_id (the {model_name} portion of EvaluationJob.modelVersion) - evaluation\_job.evaluation_job_run_time_start (Minimum threshold for the evaluationJobRunTime that created the evaluation) - evaluation\_job.evaluation_job_run_time_end (Maximum threshold for the evaluationJobRunTime that created the evaluation) - evaluation\_job.job_state (EvaluationJob.state) - annotation\_spec.display_name (the Evaluation contains a metric for the annotation spec with this displayName) To filter by multiple critiera, use the AND operator or the OR operator. The following examples shows a string that filters by several critiera: "evaluation\ *job.evaluation_job_id = {evaluation_job_id} AND evaluation*\ job.model_id = {model_name} AND evaluation\ *job.evaluation_job_run_time_start = {timestamp_1} AND evaluation*\ job.evaluation_job_run_time_end = {timestamp_2} AND annotation\_spec.display_name = {display_name}".
page_size int
Optional. Requested page size. Server may return fewer results than requested. Default value is 100.
page_token str
Optional. A token identifying a page of results for the server to return. Typically obtained by the nextPageToken of the response to a previous search request. If you don't specify this field, the API call requests the first page of the search.