Class AnnotationType (1.10.1)


Values: ANNOTATION_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): No description available. IMAGE_CLASSIFICATION_ANNOTATION (1): Classification annotations in an image. Allowed for continuous evaluation. IMAGE_BOUNDING_BOX_ANNOTATION (2): Bounding box annotations in an image. A form of image object detection. Allowed for continuous evaluation. IMAGE_ORIENTED_BOUNDING_BOX_ANNOTATION (13): Oriented bounding box. The box does not have to be parallel to horizontal line. IMAGE_BOUNDING_POLY_ANNOTATION (10): Bounding poly annotations in an image. IMAGE_POLYLINE_ANNOTATION (11): Polyline annotations in an image. IMAGE_SEGMENTATION_ANNOTATION (12): Segmentation annotations in an image. VIDEO_SHOTS_CLASSIFICATION_ANNOTATION (3): Classification annotations in video shots. VIDEO_OBJECT_TRACKING_ANNOTATION (4): Video object tracking annotation. VIDEO_OBJECT_DETECTION_ANNOTATION (5): Video object detection annotation. VIDEO_EVENT_ANNOTATION (6): Video event annotation. TEXT_CLASSIFICATION_ANNOTATION (8): Classification for text. Allowed for continuous evaluation. TEXT_ENTITY_EXTRACTION_ANNOTATION (9): Entity extraction for text. GENERAL_CLASSIFICATION_ANNOTATION (14): General classification. Allowed for continuous evaluation.