Class UriOverride (2.14.2)

UriOverride(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

URI Override.

When specified, all the HTTP tasks inside the queue will be partially or fully overridden depending on the configured values.

.. _oneof:


Scheme override. When specified, the task URI scheme is replaced by the provided value (HTTP or HTTPS). This field is a member of oneof_ _scheme.
host str
Host override. When specified, replaces the host part of the task URL. For example, if the task URL is "," and host value is set to "", the overridden URI will be changed to "" Host value cannot be an empty string (INVALID_ARGUMENT). This field is a member of oneof_ _host.
port int
Port override. When specified, replaces the port part of the task URI. For instance, for a URI and port=123, the overridden URI becomes Note that the port value must be a positive integer. Setting the port to 0 (Zero) clears the URI port. This field is a member of oneof_ _port.
URI path. When specified, replaces the existing path of the task URL. Setting the path value to an empty string clears the URI path segment.
URI Query. When specified, replaces the query part of the task URI. Setting the query value to an empty string clears the URI query segment.
URI Override Enforce Mode When specified, determines the Target UriOverride mode. If not specified, it defaults to ALWAYS.




The Scheme for an HTTP request. By default, it is HTTPS.

Values: SCHEME_UNSPECIFIED (0): Scheme unspecified. Defaults to HTTPS. HTTP (1): Convert the scheme to HTTP, e.g., will change to HTTPS (2): Convert the scheme to HTTPS, e.g., will change to



UriOverrideEnforceMode mode is to define enforcing mode for the override modes.

Values: URI_OVERRIDE_ENFORCE_MODE_UNSPECIFIED (0): OverrideMode Unspecified. Defaults to ALWAYS. IF_NOT_EXISTS (1): In the IF_NOT_EXISTS mode, queue-level configuration is only applied where task-level configuration does not exist. ALWAYS (2): In the ALWAYS mode, queue-level configuration overrides all task-level configuration