Class LeaseTasksRequest (2.14.2)

LeaseTasksRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for leasing tasks using LeaseTasks.


parent str
Required. The queue name. For example: projects/PROJECT_ID/locations/LOCATION_ID/queues/QUEUE_ID
max_tasks int
The maximum number of tasks to lease. The system will make a best effort to return as close to as max_tasks as possible. The largest that max_tasks can be is 1000. The maximum total size of a [lease tasks response][] is 32 MB. If the sum of all task sizes requested reaches this limit, fewer tasks than requested are returned.
lease_duration google.protobuf.duration_pb2.Duration
Required. The duration of the lease. Each task returned in the response will have its schedule_time set to the current time plus the lease_duration. The task is leased until its schedule_time; thus, the task will not be returned to another LeaseTasks call before its schedule_time. After the worker has successfully finished the work associated with the task, the worker must call via AcknowledgeTask before the schedule_time. Otherwise the task will be returned to a later LeaseTasks call so that another worker can retry it. The maximum lease duration is 1 week. lease_duration will be truncated to the nearest second.
The response_view specifies which subset of the Task will be returned. By default response_view is BASIC; not all information is retrieved by default because some data, such as payloads, might be desirable to return only when needed because of its large size or because of the sensitivity of data that it contains. Authorization for FULL requires cloudtasks.tasks.fullView `Google IAM
filter str
filter can be used to specify a subset of tasks to lease. When filter is set to tag= then the response will contain only tasks whose tag is equal to . must be less than 500 characters. When filter is set to tag_function=oldest_tag(), only tasks which have the same tag as the task with the oldest schedule_time will be returned. Grammar Syntax: - filter = "tag=" tag | "tag_function=" function - tag = string - function = "oldest_tag()" The oldest_tag() function returns tasks which have the same tag as the oldest task (ordered by schedule time). SDK compatibility: Although the SDK allows tags to be either string or bytes __, only UTF-8 encoded tags can be used in Cloud Tasks. Tag which aren't UTF-8 encoded can't be used in the filter and the task's tag will be displayed as empty in Cloud Tasks.