Class SslSettings (1.5.2)

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SslSettings(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

SSL configuration for a DomainMapping resource.


certificate_id str
ID of the ``AuthorizedCertificate`` resource configuring SSL for the application. Clearing this field will remove SSL support. By default, a managed certificate is automatically created for every domain mapping. To omit SSL support or to configure SSL manually, specify ``SslManagementType.MANUAL`` on a ``CREATE`` or ``UPDATE`` request. You must be authorized to administer the ``AuthorizedCertificate`` resource to manually map it to a ``DomainMapping`` resource. Example: ``12345``.
SSL management type for this domain. If ``AUTOMATIC``, a managed certificate is automatically provisioned. If ``MANUAL``, ``certificate_id`` must be manually specified in order to configure SSL for this domain.
pending_managed_certificate_id str
ID of the managed ``AuthorizedCertificate`` resource currently being provisioned, if applicable. Until the new managed certificate has been successfully provisioned, the previous SSL state will be preserved. Once the provisioning process completes, the ``certificate_id`` field will reflect the new managed certificate and this field will be left empty. To remove SSL support while there is still a pending managed certificate, clear the ``certificate_id`` field with an ``UpdateDomainMappingRequest``. @OutputOnly


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > SslSettings




The SSL management type for this domain.