Class EndpointsApiService

Cloud Endpoints <>__ configuration. The Endpoints API Service provides tooling for serving Open API and gRPC endpoints via an NGINX proxy. Only valid for App Engine Flexible environment deployments.

The fields here refer to the name and configuration ID of a "service" resource in the Service Management API <>__.

Endpoints service name which is the name of the "service" resource in the Service Management API. For example "".
Endpoints service configuration ID as specified by the Service Management API. For example "2016-09-19r1". By default, the rollout strategy for Endpoints is ``RolloutStrategy.FIXED``. This means that Endpoints starts up with a particular configuration ID. When a new configuration is rolled out, Endpoints must be given the new configuration ID. The ``config_id`` field is used to give the configuration ID and is required in this case. Endpoints also has a rollout strategy called ``RolloutStrategy.MANAGED``. When using this, Endpoints fetches the latest configuration and does not need the configuration ID. In this case, ``config_id`` must be omitted.
Endpoints rollout strategy. If ``FIXED``, ``config_id`` must be specified. If ``MANAGED``, ``config_id`` must be omitted.
Enable or disable trace sampling. By default, this is set to false for enabled.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > EndpointsApiService




Available rollout strategies.