Todas as amostras de código do Pub/Sub Lite

This page contains code samples for Pub/Sub Lite. To search and filter code samples for other Google Cloud products, see the Google Cloud sample browser.

Create Lite subscription

Create a Lite subscription with a chosen delivery mode.

Create Lite topic

Create a single-partition Lite topic and configure its retention period, per partition storage, and publishing throughput scaling factor.

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Delete Lite subscription

Delete a Lite subscription.

Delete Lite topic

Delete a Lite topic.

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Get Lite subscription

Print name, topic path, and delivery config of a Lite subscription.

Get Lite topic

Print name, retention config, and partition config of a Lite topic.

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List Lite subscriptions in project

List Lite subscriptions in a project.

List Lite subscriptions in topic

List Lite subscriptions in a Lite topic.

List Lite topics

List Lite topics in a project.

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Publish messages to a single-partition Lite topic and resolve the publish futures asynchronously.

Publish messages from Apache Kafka

Publish messages to a Pub/Sub Lite topic using a shim for the Kafka Producer API

Publish with batch settings

Publish messages with batch settings.

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Publish with custom attributes

Publish messages with custom attributes.

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Publish with ordering keys

Publish messages with an ordering key. Ordering keys are hashed to map to a partition. Messages of the same ordering key get published to the same partition. If the partition is filled up, oldest messages get written over.

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Receive messages in Apache Kafka

Receive messages from a Pub/Sub Lite subscription using a shim for the Kafka Consumer API

Stream Pub/Sub Lite to Cloud Storage using Dataflow

This sample shows how to create an Apache Beam streaming pipeline that reads messages from Pub/Sub Lite, group the messages using a fixed-sized windowing function, and writes them to Cloud Storage.

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Use a multi-partition and flow-controlled subscriber (a collection of subscribers) to subscribe to a multiple-partition topic and process messages asynchronously in callbacks.

Update Lite subscription

Update the delivery mode of a Lite subscription.

Update Lite topic

Update the retention period, the scaling factor (throughput capacity), and per partition bytes (storage capacity) of a Lite topic.

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