Sharing a catalog

In this guide, you learn how to share a catalog with users. After you create a catalog, and add either a link-based or Deployment Manager template-based solution, you can share Private Catalog solutions with your users.

Before you begin

  • End users can only see catalogs that are shared to the organization, folder, or project that the end user has access to. Make sure to share the catalog to a place in the hierarchy that your user can access.

  • The end user needs either the roles/cloudprivatecatalog.consumer IAM role or a viewer IAM role for the relevant organization, folder, or project. Most end users access Private Catalog using the viewer IAM role.

Share a catalog

To share a catalog:

  1. Go to the Cloud Console Private Catalog page.
    Go to the Private Catalog page
  2. Click Manage solutions.
  3. From the list of catalogs, select the checkbox next to the catalog that you want to share.

  4. Click the more options (ellipsis) button.

  5. Click Share Catalog.

    Share a catalog button
  6. From the dropdown menu, select a folder, organization, or project that you want to share the catalog with, and then click Select.

If you're sharing a catalog with a new project, the end user is prompted to enable the Cloud Deployment Manager API and the Private Catalog API when launching a solution.

Next steps