Adding a GCP Marketplace product

In this guide, you learn how to add products from the Google Cloud Marketplace to your catalog. You can add the product as a Deployment Manager template-based solution to share with your users. This allows you to approve and share a custom list of GCP products with enterprise users through your catalog.

Adding a Google Cloud Marketplace product

To add a Google Cloud Marketplace product:

  1. Find the product you want to add in the GCP Marketplace page of the Cloud Console.

    go to the Google Cloud Marketplace page

  2. Deploy the product. This takes you to the Deployment Manager page.

  3. Create a new deployment package for the product using the Deployment Manager templates.

    1. From the list of deployment properties for the product, click View for the Config property to see the Deployment Manager template.

    2. Copy and paste the content from the Deployment Manager template to a new Deployment Manager configuration file.

    3. Copy and paste the content from all the Imports and add them to the same folder as the Deployment Manager configuration file, using the same filenames as shown in the Imports section.

    4. Add the configuration file and all the imports to a .zip file. The .zip file is is your deployment package.

  4. Follow the steps in adding a Deployment Manager-based solution to add the product to your catalog.

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