Version 2.3

Release Notes

This page documents production updates to Kf. You can periodically check this page for announcements about new or updated features, bug fixes, known issues, and deprecated functionality.

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March 31, 2021


Kf supports Role-based access control in Spaces.

Kf supports source code upload without workstation write access to Artifact Registry.

Kf doctor supports running per-object commands.

Ensure log tailing prints the correct number of lines.

Ensure a Space cannot be deleted if a ServiceInstance was not deleted.

Ensure a ServiceBroker cannot be deleted if there is still an active ServiceInstance depending on it.

Run binding before push so VCAP_SERVICES is correct on the first deploy.

Resolved issue with health-check-type=process.

Updated the ASM version to 1.9.1.

February 11, 2021


Added support for Node Selector.

Added support for Task.

Added feature flags enable_dockerfile_builds, enable_custom_buildpacks and enable_custom_stacks.

Added --as and --as-group global flags to support impersonation.

Added health-check-http-endpoint flag to kf push command.

Changed the kf CLI to use kubectl kubeconfig loading logic.

Made hostname as an optional field when creating a route.

Make routes available in VCAP_APPLICATION.

Updated the Tekton version to 0.19.0.

December 14, 2020


kf doctor now checks for correct Istio injection labels on spaces managed by Kf.

Added support for the kf-domains subcommand so developers can look up which domains they can use in a Space. Operators can continue to use kf configure-space to modify domains.

Updated the Istio version to 1.7 and fixes the injection label.

Added autoscaling capabilities to Kf.

Kf now shows a tip to run kf bindings after binding a service.

Added support for Nodes to kf doctor.