kf migrate scan-cf-cluster


kf migrate scan-cf-cluster - Reports migration readiness of a CF foundation.


kf migrate scan-cf-cluster REPORT_NAME.(xlsx|txt) [flags]


This tool is intended to be used by Cloud Foundry operators to provide a picture about the portability of their CF foundation to other platforms.

It does this by using the local cf CLI to read information about a CF foundation.


  • The cf CLI to be on your path
  • The cf CLI to be authenticated to and targeting the CF foundation to scan
  • The cf CLI to be logged in with administrator permissions

Reading the report

The report does not contain all the information retrieved from the API, instead it targets specific pieces of data that can be used to estimate portability to Kubernetes.

While the tool does its best to obfuscate or skip processing any known fields that might contain sensitive data, you should read through the report before sending it off. For example, URIs might contain usernames, passwords, or keys.


# Validate the CF foundation to be targeted
cf curl /v2/info

# Run the command and get XLSX results (recommended)
kf migrate scan-cf-cluster report.xlsx

# Run the command and get text results
kf migrate scan-cf-cluster report.txt


-h, --help

help for scan-cf-cluster

Inherited flags

These flags are inherited from parent commands.


Username to impersonate for the operation.


Group to impersonate for the operation. Include this flag multiple times to specify multiple groups.


Path to the Kf config file to use for CLI requests.


Path to the kubeconfig file to use for CLI requests.


Log HTTP requests to standard error.


Space to run the command against. This flag overrides the currently targeted Space.